Nelly Furtado Wants To Work With Drake

Nelly Furtado Wants To Work With Drake


Nelly Furtado was interviewed by the Huffington Post about her music as she’s just released a Greatest Hits album. When asked about who she’d like to collaborate with, the two names she came up with were Madonna and Drake.

You’ve collaborated with many artists — who would you say is a “must” to work with next?
I would love to duet with Madonna. It would be super-fun. Also, I would love to record something with Drake, so we can celebrate our Canadian flavor.


  • Nelly Furtado and DRAKE are both good artist I know DRAKE is going to do it. Can’t wait to here that.

  • Hardi Antala

    that’d nice. me workin with drake would be nice too since im his biggest fan lol

  • DJ Frosty

    Her and everyone else. Get in line peps cause its long!!!!!!

  • Young KhaAka Moneymaker

    go drake