Name Dropping By Drake Let’s Kevin Durant Know He Made It

Name Dropping By Drake Let’s Kevin Durant Know He Made It


In 2012 Kevin Durant was name dropped by Drizzy on Pop That by French Montana in the verse “Getting cheddar packs like KD/OKC that’s player [expletive].” Durant was ecstatic, tweeting his thoughts on the situation with “Everytime @Drake “pop that” verse come on I feel like@barackobama hannnnn. Kevin is not the first one to realize that he had made it because Drake knows who they are and publicly recognizes them either. In the same time period that Durant sent out the tweet there was also a photo of the player in a black OVO sweater with the highly recognizable OVO owl logo which was outlined in gold.

In 2014 Drake tried to recruit Kevin Durant for the Toronto team while both were at OVO Fest, and the Toronto Raptors ended up paying a fine in the amount of $25,000 for the tampering . The result was that the team tweaked the franchise global ambassador title that Drizzy holds. Fast forward a year to 2015 when Kevin was seen in attendance at OVO Fest once again. This just reignited the rumors that the player was going to make the move to the Toronto Raptor team.

Since Drake resides in Los Angeles right now Drizzy has been spotted at a number of Thunder games in the city, showing public support for the team and the players. In addition Drake and Durant have partied as friends at a birthday party thrown for Kevin, and the two have attended a number of All-Star Weekends together. This just shows the depth of friendship between teh Toronto rapper and the Thunder player.

With the release of Drake’s Views album and the track Weston Road Flows Durant was name dropped by Drizzy again. In the song Drake says “Shout out to KD, we relate, we get the same attention/It’s rainin’ money, Oklahoma City Thunder/The most successful rapper 35 and under/I’m assumin’ everybody’s 35 and under.” When Kevin was questioned about the verse the player admitted that the name drop by Drake, his favorite rapper and a close friend, was something really special. As one of the top scorers in history, an Olympic athlete and gold medalist, and a former MVP Durant doesn’t need others to recognize him but it is still nice to be recognized for your skills and talent just the same.