Meek Mill Keeps Drake Feud Going With Remix Of All The Way Up

So far Drake is winning the feud with Meek Mill, but Mill just won’t give up and is keeping the beef going. A remix of All The Way Up was released by Remy Ma and Fat Joe that included a verse from Jay-Z, a rare occurrence. With days a new remix of the track was released by Meek Mill and Fabulous, and the song takes obvious shots at the Toronto rapper and brings their feud back once more with the same previous accusations that Drizzy does not write his own tracks but uses a ghostwriter instead.

The track includes the verses “Views from the projects, n-gga I’m the prospect. This is hip-hop, you ain’t write it don’t record it/ I don’t know how they getting down across the border.” It will be interesting to see Drake’s response, if he even bothers to respond at all.