Birdman Validates Lil Wayne, Drake Collaborative LP In the Works

Birdman Validates Lil Wayne, Drake Collaborative LP In the Works


Following in the footsteps of Jay-Z and Kanye West, Young Money cohorts Lil Wayne and Drake are working on a collaborative album, as well.

Cash Money Records CEO and founder Bryan “Baby” Williams (aka Birdman) confirmed with XXL that Weezy and Drizzy will eventually work on a duet project after they release their respective solo efforts. “Wayne and I recently talked about [the Weezy/Drake collabo album],” he says. “That’s definitely going to get done.”

However, Birdman wants to make it clear that Wayne and Drake’s project will sound nothing like the Throne’s celebrated new album. “It’s older versus younger,” he says. “I listened to a few songs [off ‘Watch the Throne’] and it feels like an older feel to me. I think with Drake and Wayne, they young. They young cats. You got 23 and 28. Then you got Jay-Z and them, who are older and really on their way out the game. Then you got Wayne and Drake and them, who are still youthful to the game. So, it’s two different types of music all the way across the board.”

Wow! That was one helluva backhanded compliment, but it was hilarious. He basically said Hov and Yeezy are senior citizens on their way out of the rap game. But hold on! PopCrush is not here to instigate any beefs between these millionaire rappers. Despite what appears to be a subtle diss at Jay-Z and West’s age, Birdman credits them for bringing excitement to hip-hop with their LP ‘Watch the Throne.’

“What they’re doing is great,” he says of the rap kings’ album. “I think it’s great for the game, great for the business, great for retail as a whole. I just think when Wayne and Drake get together is going to be something real special also because [we’re] more youthful.”

If Weezy and Drizzy’s collaborative album sounds anything like their banging track ‘She Will,’ then it’s going to be a huge album.

In the meantime, Lil Wayne is set to drop his new album ‘Tha Carter IV’ on Aug. 29, while Drake second LP ‘Take Care’ is due on Oct. 24. – PopCrush

  • Jordanjore43

    Hypocrite much? Birdmans just as old as hov and kanye? Birman cant even compare to yeezy and hov.

  • AubreyGraham

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  • Jrichard710

    Birdman never said he wasnt old and he was better then Hov and yeezy…he’s sayin Drake And Lil Wayne Are. Which I Agree.

  • Libra’s World

    Cant wait until that Drake & Wayne album drop