Lil Wayne & Drake Album Could Arrive By End of 2011

Lil Wayne & Drake Album Could Arrive By End of 2011


Lil Wayne has been putting in work on his highly-anticipated album Tha Carter IV, but he’s got just as big a project on the horizon. Weezy recently addressed rumors of recording a full-length album with his protégé Drake, and that the rappers’ collaborative effort could hit stores by the end of the year.

“That right there, that’s always been in the making,” Tunechi told MTV News’ Sway Calloway. “We’ve always been in the studio or we’ve always been having conversations about let’s do something together. Let’s do an album together.”

The only conflict would be that Wayne has a few other projects he would have to knock out first. “I’ve had ideas to do an album with T-Pain. We’ve got the T-Wayne situation going, so Drake’s a very respectable dude. He’s like, ‘I don’t want to disrespect none of those situations, so I’m just going to wait ’til you have a real good moment to focus on you and I doing an album,’” he explained. “And then you know my obligations to the Like Father, Like Son albums with Stunna. It’s like no disrespect to those. I don’t want to clash with nothing.”

While the Young Money boss is high in demand for guest verses while recording Tha Carter IV, his collabo with Drake could come later this year. “I want it to be a year when [we] actually have a moment and we can do it. It’s coming up. Probably the end of the year if we work hard at it,” he said.

Additionally, the hip-hop martian revealed that three or four songs intended for last year’s I Am Not a Human Being may end up on TC4, and the rest will be fresh material. “I kept like, if any, about three or four songs. Everything else is brand new,” he shared. “It’s soon. Once you start shooting the video, that means it’s ready.” – RapUp

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