Kodak Presents the XXL/Drake Scavenger Hunt

Kodak Presents the XXL/Drake Scavenger Hunt


XXL wants DrizzyDrake.org fans to participate in a scavenger hunt contest for fans to win Kodak’s new Easyshare M590 camera! This is the same camera Drake was promoting in his “So Kodak” campaign. XXL wants fans to snap photos of themselves with specific items that have something to do with Drake. For each photo there is a certain amount of points you will get, and the fan with the highest score will be one of 5 fans to receive these hot new cameras! XXL will be adding new items to the scavenger hunt everyday this week, so there still time for you to start snapping away. Winners will be announced on November 1st.

We will be posting all the different items for each day on this post. So don’t forget to check back with us so you can be on top of the game.

Here are the items for Monday, October 25, 2010:
Picture of you and Drake’s Thank Me Later CD (2 points)
Picture of you and the Canadian flag (3 points)

Items for Tuesday, October 26, 2010 are:
Picture of a you with a ticket stub from a Drake concert (5 points)
Pic of you with XXL’s May 2010 cover featuring Drake and Nicki Minaj (3 points)

Items for Wednesday, October 27, 2010 are:
Picture of you with Drake’s So Far Gone Retail EP (2 points)
Picture of you with a poster of Drizzy (4 points)

Items for Thursday, October 28, 2010 are:
Picture of you with a copy of the Degrassi Season 1 DVD (3 points)
Pic of you with a Drake fan t-shirt (4 points)

Contest Rules:
1. All submissions must be sent to XXL@harris-pub.com with “Kodak Contest” in the subject line.
2. The contestant must appear in every photo submitted to verify authenticity.
3. The contestant must submit all of their photos in one, single email along with their home address. Multiple email submissions will not be counted.
4. All submissions must be received by Monday, November 1, 2010.
5. At the end of the contest, the first five constants to send in their pictures and achieve the highest point totals will win.

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