Kendrick Lamar Shares his Thoughts on the Debate and Mentions Drake and Future as Favorites!

Some rap fans are purists and have some very limiting ideas about what constitutes real hip hop, and To Pimp A Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar has only intensified this debate. This album has it all: musical arrangements that are large and grandiose, rapping that is very technical, themes that can be seen as political, and even disparate influences.

Because of this it has become the poster project for real hip hop for many fans. There has always been some disagreement over whether rap which places a focus on social commentary has more value than rap that is based only on songwriting and musical talent. Recently Complex chose to include Rae Sremmurd who is considered part rap at the number 3 spot on the list, and this led critics to comment about it. Many held up Kendrick Lamar to show what they thought rap should be but Pusha T quickly pushed back by defending the Sremm brothers against purists.

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