JV’s Morning Show Interviews Drake

JV’s Morning Show Interviews Drake


This is a must see interview, super funny! JV’s Morning Show at 94.9 Wildjam, Drake speaks on his relationship with Rihanna, Lil wayne’s Lasagna punchline in his latest single 6’7′, and why he thinks Lil Wayne is iconic. Video is after the jump.

  • SimplyDrake

    Hahhahhaahahha funniest interview i’ve ever seen, love you drizzy<3

  • Alicia Lele

    Favorite Part Is The Last ;) lol ” I Love You, Jimmy”

  • Chris Foster

    u wear shirts with your own name on um lmao.
    $DJ Frosty$

  • That girl kept on smiling. that interview was very funny hope to see DRAKE & RIHANNA together soon. low key he kissed her hand at the end, I see you DRAKE LmAo….