Jhene Aiko Speaks About Working With Drake On “Momentous Occasions”

Jhene Aiko Speaks About Working With Drake On “Momentous Occasions”



Jhene Aiko said a couple of words about working with Drake on “Momentous Occasions” for his new album Nothing Was The Same. The last time Jhene worked with Drake was on Drake’s “July” track. Jhene spoke with FUSE and here’s what she had to say:

Do you consider yourself a very competitive person?

I think I compete with myself. I’m hard on myself. I compete with people who you don’t expect me to compete with. I will hear a Kendrick Lamar song, or a Drake song and I will be like “Oh no, I need to make a song better than that.” People will say, “Really, you’re not thinking about Rihanna, you’re not thinking about Beyonce?” No, I consider myself a lyricist and that is the audience that I want. I want somebody that really loves Eminem and Jay-Z to want to put on one of my songs and appreciate what I wrote or freestyled.

Drake confirmed your appearance on his unreleased song “Momentous Occasions.” What can you tell us about the track? 

I am not going to say too much. Recording the song and working with him, period, was a momentous occasion. Because I think he is amazing, like a magical being for me, like a unicorn or something. He is somebody I like to listen to to get inspired and helps me write from an honest place. Recording that song was more of a personal experience because we sat with [Drake producer Noah] 40 [Shebib] and I got to help pick the beat, take it home and record to it. That was more of a collaboration than other tracks I’ve done.