Jay-Z Congratulates Drake On His ‘Take Care’ Album Success

Jay-Z Congratulates Drake On His ‘Take Care’ Album Success


Jay-Z extended his congratulations to Drake’s accomplishments with his sophomore albumTake Care” in a simple gesture reading the following, “Monster number comes in. Proud of your journey. Peace, Hove.” Check out some other photos courtesy of OVO.

  • Didnt drake diss Jay-z on the “its good” song?

    • No, he just did a verse to a blank beat, Lil wayne is the only one who dissed him.

  • Metaphor Chatira

    be the man and make it rain

  • Brittchick123

    Drake, I know that a lot of critics are saying that Take Care wasn’t your best album and that your lyrics are too soft, but I think it’s your best album yet. Almost all the songs really hit home for me. Especially Doing it Wrong…that like describes exactly what I’m going through now and it really helped to know that I’m not the only one who’s going through the same thing. This album legit inspires me, so don’t listen to any of them haters lol. And like you said, talking about your emotions doesn’t make you a pussy :p