Jake One Talks Collaboration With Drake (Interview)

Jake One Talks Collaboration With Drake (Interview)


Remember that track that was playing in the background while Drake was smoking hookah? Well that exact song in the background was produced by Jake One. HHNM got to interview Jake this past weekend about the collaboration with him and Drizzy. Take a look at what Jake had to say below.

HHNM: Drake previewed a new song the other day in a video clip while he’s smoking hookah. Is it true that you produced it?
Jake One: Yeah, that’s the song I did for him.
HHNM: Tell us how that collaboration came out and where it will end up.
Jake One: You know I’m not even sure at this point. I’ve been talking to him off and on, sending him stuff. There were some records that he really liked. That was one of them he recorded. Hopefully, you will get to hear the music soon.

Jake and HHNM talked about a lot more than Drake as well. If you want to read the entire article you can here.