Is the $1 Million Ring Rihanna Wore to the BBMAs an Engagement...

Is the $1 Million Ring Rihanna Wore to the BBMAs an Engagement Ring From Drake or a Borrowed Piece for the Event?


During the recent Billboard Music Awards Rihanna was photographed wearing an enormous diamond ring on her left ring finger, and many are speculating that the ring is from Drake and that the pair are engaged but these rumors have not been confirmed by either musical artist. The ring that RiRi was wearing has been reported to be an engraved pinky ring from Jacob & Co. It has a spectacular 10 carat diamond that is cushion cut which is reported to be worth $1 million, and the gem is set in a thick yet elegant gold band.

According to a source which discussed the ring with Media Take Out the jewelry was a gift from Drizzy and it was a 16 carat diamond, but received information from a credible source that this was not the case. This source explained that the exquisite ring was simply borrowed for the event, something that celebrities and A listers do all the time for big events that receive a lot of news and media coverage.


There have been plenty of romantic rumors pairing up Rihanna and Drake, and there is obvious sexual tension as well as friendship between the two. Drizzy and RiRi each included the other on their latest album, and music videos of collaborations including Work show the stars getting very close and personal. Maybe Rihanna chose this specific ring in order to start rumors, and to make a point to the Toronto rapper that she is looking to find the right man to settle down with. On the other hand maybe Rihanna simply liked the way that the ring looked and the way that it made a statement, and that is why she chose to borrow it for the Billboard Music Awards event instead. Drake did bring Rihanna to Toronto to meet his mom earlier this year and this usually signifies a very close relationship. Many fans will be disappointed when they learn that Drizzy and RiRi are not engaged but there is always hope for the future, especially for these two because of their past together.