Is Drake Building a Mansion in North York?

Is Drake Building a Mansion in North York?


Rumors have been circulating since 2014 that Drake is building his dream mansion, and that the mansion will be located somewhere in the Toronto area. In 2014 Rolling Stone did a piece on Drizzy’s massive Los Angeles house, and the story mentioned that Drizzy was “in the early stages of building a place on [Toronto]’s outskirts.” Sources did some investigating and it is believed that the new mansion will be on Park Lane Circle, where an existing mansion is expected to be demolished in order to make room for the new luxurious home.

Drake’s Name is Not on the Title

Ownership of the property is registered to 3287650 Nova Scotia Company, a numbered corporation that was probably set up because it is designed to keep a low profile and avoid generating curiosity. In the past properties that Drizzy has purchased have been titled in his real name, Aubrey Drake Graham, but if the Park Lane Circle Property does belong to the Toronto rapper he is getting more savvy and sophisticated. Both a Toronto condo at 1 St. Thomas Street and a Hidden Hills estate in California were titled in Drake’s name in the past. In Ontario property owners have legal ways of hiding their ownership. The Lake Joseph cottage that Cindy Crawford owns is registered to Lester Knispel, who is the trustee for the property and also Crawford’s business manager.

One way that the Park Lane Circle property has been linked with Drizzy is Adel Nur, one of the listed directors for the numbered corporation. Adel Nur is better known as Future the Prince, one of the loyal lieutenants that surround Drizzy. Drake has not confirmed that the property purchased in 2015 is actually his yet, but the huge expense and the massive scale fo the place make it highly likely that it will be Drizzy’s new home.


Purchase Price and Remodeling Plans

According to property records the property was purchased in September 2015, and the purchase price was $6.7 million. The home was previously purchased in 2014 by Kuidou Wu, who paid $970,000 less than the latest purchase price and only held the property for about a year before selling. The cost may seem high but it could actually be a bargain because it averages out to $825 per square metre for the land and that is still a bargain in this area.

Drawings that have been filed with the city show that the plan, whether it is Drake’s property or not, is to demolish the mansion that already exists on the site and build a brand new mansion customized for the new owner. The 21,000 square foot mansion design is being handled by local architect Ferris Rafauli, another Drizzy link and the architect who designed Drake’s Sher Club at the Air Canada Centre.

There are Some Possible Issues With the New Mansion Rumored to be Drake’s

If Drake is the new owner of the Park Lane Circle property he might want to start being a good neighbor, because he will need his neighbors on his side in order to complete the planned mansion. The home is so extensive that it will be in violation of several zoning restrictions that dictate the width of the driveway and the height of the structure. Official permission for variances from these zoning requirements will be needed, and part of the process involved means providing neighbors with the project details and allowing them an opportunity to object to the construction and variance.

The plans show that the new and very luxurious home will have all of the amenities that Drake could want. Two different saunas and a hot tub in a spa retreat area, a jersey room, a full size basketball court, and much more are detailed in the plans. The master bedroom suite alone offers two private terraces, two dressing rooms, a steam shower, a master bath, and more. There is even a snack lounge on the first floor, and a swimming pool fit for a king. A library, home theatre, and even a security suite have been included. With all of the amenities if the mansion is for Drake the Toronto rapper may not want to go out as much.