Insight | When A Dream Becomes Reality

Insight | When A Dream Becomes Reality


Insight | When A Dream Becomes Reality

I remember meeting a wonderfully talented individual who had the brainstorm of creating a website on one of his favorite artists, Aubrey Drake Graham. I was offered the chance of joining a site that started out as a simple blog but has  become so much more – a truly multi-faceted media force.

When you jump on-board someone else’s dream, you never truly know what is in store. Even though I remain a contributing writer for several sites and magazines, both online and printed, this site is one I truly enjoy being a part of. The articles are entertaining to write, and the writing doesn’t  seem like work, simply because the owner creates a work environment that is both fun and pleasing.

Insight was a column originally intended for another blog, but the idea was scrapped by that site’s editor. He wanted a column that was more drama-driven, because sex, violence, and all forms of negativity sell. In the endless battle of site wars, the number of visitors, subscribers, hits, and advertising sales are what occupy the top of everyone’s list, while everything else gets little attention.

One thing I learned is that even though those issues do drive sales and bring repeat visitors, sometimes people need a break from the negativity and seek something outside of the norm.  When you choose to step outside of the norm, there is always a risk, but eventually the bold effort,  with persistence over time, will create results.

Insight has showcased the history of Drake, from the child in Degrassi to the man he has become. This column, now a little over a year old, will continue this mission. I thank you for traveling this journey with me. Until next time, everyone.

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Simply Phillip Brown

  • Lucy

    I like it a lot!

    Is actually the firs time that I write but let me tell you that I totally love the site and love DRAKE. Keep doing it amazing with the posts and I’ll be coming back :)

    Greetings from Mexico xD