Drake Insight | August Edition

Drake Insight | August Edition


Insight – August Edition | Drizzy Drake News

By Simply Phillip Brown

Contributing Writer For dizzydrake.org

Most celebrities rely heavily on drama, or anything that keeps their faces in the news, even if the negative outweighs the positive. The message has been instilled within our minds and within this very world that any advertising is good.

Losing themselves in taking their clothes off, instead of allowing the world to see their true skills, many musicians have allowed the fear of not selling albums, not making number one or being called a has-been to take more control of their minds then any record label management ever could.

Thank Me Later” entered The Billboard 200 at #1, with first-week sales of 447,000 copies, even after being leaked on-line 2 weeks before its release. Drake both shows and proves that hard work and sacrifice pay off, and he didn’t have to compromise himself or become something he’s not to do it. No gimmicks, no drama, just his lips and a microphone.

Drake’s album restores a form of hip hop reminiscent of when artists like Lauryn Hill took to the stage, a moment in time almost forgotten when a musician was respected on his talent rather than his notoriety.

Congratulations, Drake. You truly are deserving of your success.

See you next month, everyone.

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