ILOVEMAKONNEN Leaves Label and Then Disses Drake and OVO Sound

When ILOVEMAKONNEN announced that he was leaving the OVO Sounds label the artist told the media that he was still on good terms with Drake and the company but recent comments show that that may not be the entire truth. Just a few short weeks ago ILOVEMAKONNEN announced that while he was no longer an artist at OVO everything was fine between the parties, but more recently the artist has sung a different tune. Before ILOVEMAKONNEN issued a statement that said “I cannot thank OVO, 40, Oliver, Future & Mr. Morgan, enough for all that they have done for my career. No words can express how much I appreciate Drake for being a part of the success of Tuesday. I’m sure the haters will have something negative to say, but all in all my choice to be solely on Warner Bros Records was the right thing for me and for my best interest. Sorry there’s no beef to report, DRINK MORE WATER. ILOVEMAKONNEN.”

The most recent comments have changed, and now it appears that there is trouble brewing between the former OVO Sounds star, Drizzy, and the label. In a video that was posted to YouTube on the page ILOVEMAKONNEN disses his former label and the Toronto rapper who built OVO from the ground up, saying “What’s that n—a album?. What’s that dumb-ass album with the sky shit? Why’d you leave OVO?’ Because I was underweight now. When I was overweight, they was f—ing with me. That’s what OVO stands for: ‘Overweight Only.’” Drake has not responded yet but it is only a matter of time, few could take this type of insult laying down.