Hilarious Memes Featuring Aubrih that Drake and Rihanna Fans Should Not Miss

Hilarious Memes Featuring Aubrih that Drake and Rihanna Fans Should Not Miss


Drake and Rihanna have gone somewhat public with their relationship and fans can not get enough of the latest power couple. Ever since Aubrey declared his devotion to the Barbados beauty during the VMA awards the internet has been filling up with memes about Aubrih and some are just too funny to miss. Whether you love or hate these two there is no denying that they are a topic of fascination and obsession. Some of the funniest Aubrih memes on the web include:

1. Mr. and Mrs. Graham

This meme shows Drizzy and RiRi posing in the original movie poster for Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Fans will have to work hard to keep it together after seeing this hilarious spoof.


2. The Women Who Were Devastated by Aubrey’s Declaration

A woman is ready to cut her throat after finding out that Drake is no longer an eligible bachelor because of his feelings for Rihanna.

3. Drizzy and RiRi Playing Patty Cake

In one meme there are pictures of both celebrities clapping. When the photos are placed side by side it looks like the pair is playing patty cake. Too cute!

4. Grown Man Crying

This meme shows a grown man crying and is captioned with “I’ve Been in Love With her Since I was 22 Years Old.”


5. RiRi Looking Pleased and Bashful

2 photos of Rihanna are placed side by side which show her looking pleased and slightly embarrassed, and the tag is When Drake tells you he has loved you since he was 22 years old.


6. The Billboard

One of the funniest memes surrounds the billboard that Drizzy put up for Rihanna. A frog with cookies makes this meme extra funny.


7. Stick Figures

A meme that has shown up features a stick figure of Aubrey and RiRi, and there is also a stick baby for the couple as well. Too funny.


8. Drake Is Famous for Showing Love in Every Picture

A collage of photos featuring the Toronto rapper with various celebrities pokes fun at how much in love Drake always seem to be in every picture ever taken.


9. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Captioned best meme ever, LOL, this one shows Drake telling someone that he is just friends with the Barbados songstress. The individual responds with a drawn out single word: Liiiiiaaaaarrrrr!