Future Says Drake’s Absence From ‘Tony Montana’ Video Is ‘A Slap In...

Future Says Drake’s Absence From ‘Tony Montana’ Video Is ‘A Slap In My Face’


In a recent interview with The Source magazine, Future claims that Drake not being present in his Tony Montana music video is a slap in the face. Drake was featured on the track when it released on the net, but was missing from the official music video. You definitely have to see that Drake shed a lot of light on this track, but here what Future has to say about it.

“I salute him just for even getting on the record, because it says a lot about his character,” the rapper began, before addressing the music video. “…I wasn’t real mad about it, but when I first talked about it, I told him, ‘If you do this, make sure you know what you’re doing. This is my baby, this is the first song that I’m doing, this is ‘Tony Montana,’ this is my single. This is the one that means the most to me, because it’s my breakout single.'”

According to Future, he discussed the music video with Drake’s camp and even says he tried to work around the rap star’s schedule to make it happen to no avail.

“I was just trying to do a great video, I was trying to deliver what the people heard, what the fans heard and what I’ve seen. Why I choose you to get on my record out of all people?” Future continued. “So many people from Atlanta wanted to get on the song. It was basically a slap in my face because they like ‘Sh**, you should have did someone from Atlanta who get in the video, who wanted to be in the video.’ You go outside Atlanta and you get something different.”

Drake later wrote a quick tweet mentioning, “Throw em a bone and they want a steak.” Future may be blowing this thing out of proportion, what do you think?

  • Its bullshit, tony montana was a good song, but with drake coming out with a new album I understand that he probably doesnt have alot of time on his hands. You got to give Drizzy a break man! Dont get me wrong, i would have loved to see drake on the video.

  • Angel_49erfan

    Drake made the song anyways.

  • Derek_OvOxo

    Aint no sucka shiiiit!

  • Yall dick riding that was hoe ass move of Drizzy and I like Drake but he a bitch ass nigga for that shit

    • Pthorpe77

      How is he a bitch ass nigga? Cuz he bout business?? He has an album coming out. If it was supposed to be HIS breakout single that muthaffucka shoulda did his shit by his self neway. Him bitching abt drizzy not being in his video is cry baby ass shit,

  • That song fucking blows.

  • David_cruz1388

    man come man drake put 2 songs add in alubm free spirit add in in cd make videos

  • deylovesdrizzy

    its not Drake’s fault, he has alot on his hands right now with Take Care coming out soon, & he has his own fans to attend to. If Future wants to bitch about Drake not showing up in his video then oh well. me, personally, i’d rather have a whole ALBUM of songs by Drake than watch ONE music video he’s fetured in to a song that isnt even his. Future needs to get over himself if he wants to level up in that business.

  • AdonisEngel

    Future sucked mad dick anyways. Shit, that song hurt Drake more than helped him. Future needs to get off his own dick with that “Breakout Single” shit. He ain’t broke outta no where. No body wants to hear his lame ass shit anyways. I honestly hope that’s the only song Future ever makes.

  • Head for headlines!

    Tony montana -.-    – Hip hops freaing “friday”!!

    Take Care all the way! november 15th gon be BIG!

  • Saito

    That song sucks anyway without drake….

  • dirk29

    haa is this guy stupid? drakes the only reason why the song got popular and made it on the radio and stuff. other than that, it would of been another dumb ass ATL song that made absolutely no sense.

  • Stop Whining B list rappers!

    enough said.

  • Zeek Tha Leek

    drake shoulda helped a nigga out

  • Saskia901821

    Drake helped you with creating the song. He’s the reason ppl know about the song. He has his life and his stuff. The song is crap anyways . Drake just made it better. #TeamDrizzyDrake