Future Talks About Drake, DS2, and “Where Ya At” on Fuse

When Future, the rapper from Atlanta, released Honest in 2014 many fans turned away and there were a lo of haters who aid the artist was headed towards mainstream music. That changed when Future released DS2 this year and he managed to win back many of the lost fans with this album. The music has lyrics that are withering and the production was underdone. DS2 delves into the life of Future once the rapper’s relationship with Ciara fell apart.  This weekend on Revealed, an original series on Fuse, Future is interviews and he discusses how he went from Honest to DS2.


Episode clips have been previewed by Fuse before the broadcast, and fans can hear everything for themselves at 7 pm on December 5 on Fuse. In addition there is video of Future talking about Drake, and why the Canadian rapper is the only artist to put in a guest appearance on the DS2 album. Future tells Fuse that Drake managed to turn the verse that he has on the album in under 3 hours, a very impressive feat. That puts an end to all of the rumors that Drake needs a ghostwriter because he can not write his own verses.