Forbes Five Club of Wealthiest Hip Hop Stars Now Includes Drake Instead of 50 Cent

Now that Drake is estimated to have a net worth in the area of $60 million he is the newest member of a very exclusive club, the Forbes 5 club of the richest hip hop artists for 2016. Drizzy was placed on the list because 50 Cent was removed due to his financial issues, mismanagement of money,  and recent bankruptcy.

The other 4 artists named on the list by Forbes are Diddy worth an estimated $750 million, Dr. Dre worth about $710 million, Jay-Z at around $610 million, and Birdman with a net worth that is estimated at $110 million. This places Drake in 5th place on the list but even being in this position is a big honor and shows just how popular and influential Drizzy really is in the music industry.

According to Forbes the 5 artists who made the cut and are on the list are worth a combined total of over $2.2 billion.