Fan Poll: What Do You Think of Drake’s Take Care Album?

Fan Poll: What Do You Think of Drake’s Take Care Album? [Results]


We asked readers on Facebook what their thoughts were on Drake’s sophomore album since it leaked last Sunday. Out of 2,390 votes, 1,878 said they liked it, 75 didn’t like it, and 437 haven’t heard it yet. Drake album is the most highly anticipated album this year, and from the looks of the poll it’s already lives up to that status.

  • alexVFL

    don’t plan on hearing it till november 15th

  • Xxilac

    Not till November 15th

  • Drizzy222

    not super accurate poll, because i”m pretty sure everyone who comes to this site loves drizzy…

  • Tlucc

    True drake fans will just wait and buy the album on November 15th. until then .. Take Care..

  • Damionj54

    Drake my boi drizzy is my favorite rapper ever he understand me he inspire me to rap i love how he orginize his tracks and things.

  • DrakesWife=)


  • Drake’s album is amazing and creative .. and i will still buy it on Nov. 15

  • Tyhicks

    Drake Is The Realist… We Don’t Just Love The Music, We Can Relate Too Almost Everything You Say! That’s Why We Adore The Music Mann.. O_v_OXO Is Everything We Believe In! “Take Care”

  • Lou

    Waiting til his album drop doesnt make you a true fan….just means your patient 

    • Wonder

      Its more than being patient its respecting his work, the true Drake fans will wait till November 15th.

  • So Cold

    I will love ANYTHING Drake drops!  #killingthegame

  • So true it don’t actually mean your true fan just cause your waiting… plus he said he what’s people to listen to the leaks anyway…Buying the album makes you a true fan.

  • Vice10

    how do you not like it? ridiculously good. best album with out a doubt.

  • Andy

    have the album already

  • Take Care>Carter 4

  • Tyler Allen94

    i got it all on my phone but im still buyin the album

  • Drizzydrake25

    I think its very good,but on the cover he looks likes he’s a roman king.LOL!

  • harbin

    Drake’s got it, period!


    Best album eva, Fuck hearin the leaked version gotta get that official shytt … TAKE CARE

  • Take care is the best album by far in a very long time im so glad i waited till the 15th to hear it and buy it. all the songs are so real and they all sound different i love the album and every song has a message. committed to team drizzy for life