Who’s In Drizzy’s Fave 5?

Who’s In Drizzy’s Fave 5?


In an upcoming issue of People Magazine, Drake reveals his top five favorite rappers of all time and what they mean to him and his success. Check out what Drizzy had to say about each one.

1. Lil Wayne (of course)- “It’s hard as a rapper not to become repetitive, and he always has a new way to make it fun.”

2. Andre 3000- “If I wasn’t myself, I would want to be that guy!”

3. Kanye West- “I’ve never been so moved by a person’s entire career. He’s the guy I’ll tell my kids about.”

4. Nas- “He influenced this album a lot. I had to break down how he raps.”

5. Jay Z- “You look at [other] rappers from his era, and they couldn’t transcend generations. But he’s still completely relevant.”