Drizzy Drake Updates

Drizzy Drake Updates


Have you notice anything different? If the layout was the first thing that popped into your head then you guessed it! Drizzy Drake has been revamped once again. My main concern is you the fans, and if there’s something I can do to make your drake fix easier then that’s the directions I want to go in.

Drake Media Center

There’s going to be some changes done to the media center we have available right now. Mixtapes, tracks, and media art will now all be divided into their very own page.

Q: The file doesn’t work or the file doesn’t exist anymore?
A: If the file doesn’t exist anymore, then the upload site has removed it from the site, in that case just simple fill out the contact form letting the site admin know about it, and we’ll work things out.

Q: Can we download individual tracks from mixtapes?
A: Yes and no. We have a section for individual tracks, but those tracks are caught as they are released on the web. As far as doing individual tracks off of mixtapes, we upload the file as is. Most mixtapes are already zipped, contain all the tracks, and is ready for download.

Drake Forum

Drizzy Drake Forums are still up, but we are planning on doing some renovation on them as well. When we launched the forum, it was rushed a bit and wasn’t fully prepared for release. As of now, we are looking to staff 5-10 moderators for our forums. If you are interested in helping out feel free to contact us.

Drake Videos

Soon Drizzy Drake will launch a video host site, where you can view any drake video you want right from the site! More development is still needed though…

Drake Affiliates

As we grow, we would like to take a long neighbors as well. We just started adding affiliates sites and we are looking for more. If your interested drop us an email.

Drake Poll

Every other week and new poll question will be added in rotation with the already in rotation polls, so don’t forget to vote on your Drake poll question :)

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