Drizzy Drake Mobile Edition!

Drizzy Drake Mobile Edition!


Drizzy Drake mobile edition has been fully launched today! Now you can access your Drake fix when ever you want whether your on the go, or just at home! Accessing the site from your iPhone, Android, or mobile device is 10x faster than it use to be. We’ve cut out the the excess stuff to just bring you Drake news when you want it.

Downloading and listening to music all still works with just less load times. iPhone users still don’t have the ability to watch flash movies due to the fact they don’t have an application for it. Android users have full compatibility.

If you still want to be able to access the full site, you can switch between mobile and full site Drizzy Drake at the bottom of the page.

iPhone Drake Web App

iPhone fans will be able to access their Drake fix straight from their iPhone home screen. Simply visit our website from your mobile device:
1) Click the “+”
2) Selected “Add to Home Screen”
3) Name it and your done!


    • it works for all phones :) not just iphones

  • Chris Foster

    Nice add, thanks
    $DJ Frosty$

  • SimplyDrake

    i don’t have internet on my phone! :( is there any way to get drake news sent as a text?

    • We are still working on that :) that’s the next thing we are going project we are working on. We just want to make it the easiest possible to get your drake news!

  • leah

    Android… do we just go to the market and type in drake.org


    • Android you just visit the site through your browser. The mobile edition automatically comes up.

  • stephanie d.

    I love this site. You guys are always coming up with new ways for me to find drake news fast!!! XD I’m on my android phone now and its so much faster than it use to be and a lot more easier to read!!! =) btw it works on tmobile phone!

  • Mayal Khan

    How do I download it to my phone É

    • All you have to do is visit the site through your mobile broswer, the mobile edition automatically loads for mobiles device. IPhones are the only one right now that can make it an web app. For android you can save a bookmark to your homescreen though.

  • DES

    for the blackberry?

    • yes, works on blackberry too. just visit the site from your mobile phone

  • Good that way I can get on when Im at skool lol

  • kaylyn thomas

    hey draje i luv ya ;]

  • lety24

    does it work for ipods 2 cuz if it does then good cuz thats all ill do at skool for my work

  • Khatalaa

    I have a Black Berry and I just cant seem to get this app

    • there’s no app for it on blackberry, the only difference for blackberry users the site is on mobile edition instead of loading up the original way.

  • dear: drake i love you so much when we can met drake

  • dear: drake i need you to see me at my house today drake