Drizzy Drake ATL Boo Revealed

Drizzy Drake ATL Boo Revealed


According to Bossip, Drizzy Drake was spotted at a Altanta Nightclub holding hands with mystery chick earlier this week. Later sources found out that this mystery lady was actually namedd Tanesha aka “NeNe”, who happens to be the ex-girlfriend of a club promoter in Atlanta. The Nightclub they ended up going to was Tongue and Groove. Check out the pictures below.

  • Y

    We’ll see how long this ‘boo’ will last.
    I do wish drake would be honest in his interviews though and claim the girls he’s dating.

  • Can’tTouchDis

    Is it me or am i goin crazy, coz at the a first glance the girl looks like nicki minaj, the hair and the nose (no offence intended to nicki)

    • Ryan

      same thing i was thinking

  • nijah

    i knew he was with her


    Iz it just me or does she look like Nicki?

    • Crystal

      Haha…nope it’s not just you lol. I was thinkin the same thing -.-

  • Crystal

    Funny how she kinds resembles Nicki Minaj sideways…hmm. He has a mystery chick for like every different city lmao.

  • Kenza Drake Janjua

    who she? I knoww I thiink she is maybe*neckis lil sis*??

  • Well its not Nicki get over it but DRAKE has very good tasted at pickin females lol. he dosen’t have to tell you local females who he’s goin out with in his interviews lol lol every female i know what to have sex with DRAKE LmAo yall will take DRAKE over TREY SONGZ lol yall would

  • SymoneilyDrake

    wow.. Drake i wiosh you just knew what all of us fans have to say about this! i love you and i want you to be happy because whe nyou are ahppy, you made ahmaziiiiing music! and i think she’s just another Nikkki, and i honestly dont like nikki. But i reallly wish you would just do you and if this is doing you, then i’m alll for it because I LOVE YOU DRAKE!(:<3
    foreverrr Drizzy<33

  • Drake’sfan

    I wish drake with nicki..

  • Archana Chatkara

    Behhhhh she’s not cute!

    • rihanna

      i agree with you a 100 percent

  • nicole

    Drake don’t have to tell ya’ll who he dating, that’s HIS buisness. I like how he goes for Nicki’s twin though.

  • MeSoYummy34

    No Im not happy…but If he likes it I love it…as long as he is happy and she slobbing that nob as good as I would , then its all good…cant wait to see you in November…..

  • itsrany[:

    she look like nikki:o

  • i think Nicki and him would make a great couple.
    but y’all saying that looks like it could be Nicki’s twin sister is right

  • em this girl … SMH! this is why i cant wait to see you in houston so you can meet a fine yellowbone from TEXAS=]

  • lety24

    omg y cant u just admit that u have a gurl drake nobody wuld mine they wuld just fall in love wit u even more cuz u wuld b honest wit us LOVERS ND FANS =)(=

  • lety24



    omg is that just me our does that look nicki minaj it can just be me but i can be right


    like i can be wrong but that gurl is mad simular to nicki minaj

  • katelynn lynn

    wow i love drake and if this is his girl good for him(: and i just feel like drake hasnt been happy because he was happy wen he had new hit songs all the time now he just shutup and i know im not the only person who thinks that either i love u drake and i support u 100% but have more hits in 2011!

  • if Drake posted this, Media will have a feild day