Drake’s The Motto #1 Most Downloaded Illegally In The US

Drake’s The Motto #1 Most Downloaded Illegally In The US


Despite the fact that the US topped the most illegal downloads out of all countries, Drake‘s track “The Motto” was downloaded 458k+ times illegally.

#YOLO, indeed: Drake’s single “The Motto” was stolen the most, driving 458,038 downloads during the six-month period tracked, making the Canadian rapper the most illegally shared artist in the United States. Kanye West and Jay-Z beat out Canada’s native son for most pirated media in that country, with Watch the Throne downloaded 71,132 times. Folk singer and Ron Weasley stand-in Ed Sheeran is the most pirated artist in the U.K., with his 2011 album, +, reported as the most popular torrent in 460 towns and cities across the nation.

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  • How do track illegal downloads though?

    • Well, it’s simple.
      Torrents are the most used method.
      All it takes is someone willing to share a file with another person or community, and bang; it’s over.
      I will not go into detail here, since it is awful for the artist for people to be doing this.

    • Ugh, sorry, I mistook your question. Take two: torrent sites and the feds. They see all. Tracking the downloads, like the downloads themselves, are easily performed. It is not hard to find these things out, especially when people think they’re cool and boast their steals all over the place.

  • that is wonderful of you

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