Drake’s “Take Care” Official Music Video Premieres Friday

Drake’s “Take Care” Official Music Video Premieres Friday


Drake announced last month that he was shooting a music video for his track “Take Care” featuring Rihanna. Photos from the video surfaced a week ago of Drake and Rihanna on set.

Since the announcement of the music video coming soon, “Take Care” has been gaining a lot of radio play. Drake’s camp announced yesterday that “Take Care”s official music video will premiere thie Friday.

In other news, Drake’s next music video will be “HYFR” which featured Lil Wayne. “HTFR” will beging shooting tomorrow.

  • Mahogony327

    good friday

  • Team Drake

    It’s Saturday, where’s this video?!?!

  • Team Drake

    If they kiss i’ll hunt down Rihanna and lock her up so I can have MY Drake, <3

  • axel:)

    WTF!!! ITS SUNDAY WHERE IS THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????

  • Shanique_405

    dude… itz monday, nd still waitin for da MV -.- grr…

  • O_x Me X_o

    BS im tire of waiting !!!!!!

  • Alec

    umm its already monday? ):

  • Zander

    Is this a joke…post the vid Drizzy!

  • omg finiall geting to see it

  • Dvcarey1

    why is there still no video?  2 times already dates were stated and not kept.  why?

  • Devsteez29

    when is the exact date of this vid???

  • Olivia

    Get your hands off… 

  • Reyna_b


  • jaquise

    waiting for the next drizzy drake consert