Drake’s Mastery of Ping Pong is Challenged by NBA Great Reggie Miller and Drake Accepts the Challenge

Drake is being challenged a lot these days, and the Canadian rapper shouldn’t expect the challenges to stop any time soon. The latest challenge that Drake s facing is a ping pong mastery competition against the legend of the NBA Reggie Miller. Once Miller found out that Drizzy is supposed to be a master at Ping Pong the challenge had to be issued, and Drake saw an offer that he could not turn down so he accepted.

Drake’s response to the challenge was the simple statement “Master is a bit of a stretch.” It must be difficult for Drake to be humble and admit that he may not always be not be the best at anything that he attempts. Remember the Sprite commercial that Drizzy made, with the slogan “Last name ‘ever,’ first name ‘greatest’”? This commercial was created before Drake ever had a best selling album or top hit song and yet his confidence was over the top. Over the weekend Drake is taking part in the NBA All-Star Festivities being held in Toronto, and Drizzy is the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game coach for the Canadian team.