Drake’s Favorite Verse & Tour Photos

Drake’s Favorite Verse & Tour Photos


On the last day of Drake’s Lightdreams & Nightmares UK tour, SoulCulture gets an exclusive scoop to Drake’s favorite verse. Drake also speaks on the back-story to “The Calm”, from his Juno Award winning So Far Gone EP. We also got some pictures after the jump of various locations that Drake performed at while being in the UK.

  • That was a good verse but, thats not his best tho to me. probably for him on a personal level but I guess!!

  • T.i

    Why is the homeboy Drizzy growing his hair… damn dawg cut off that granny-knitted jersey, sheep dog style bob haired off yo big head LOL… (i aint hating… Im a BIG BIG fan from South Africa)

    • lyrical madness


  • shertara

    hello drake i love you hit a real woman up at 2023219178

  • shertara

    hello drake this tara again im your biggest fan i love your songs i just want you to hit me up so.we can talk

  • shertara

    dizzy you the best i ever had you the fucking best baby

  • cassandra

    shertara…. wtf groupie …smh but thats one of my favorite songs on so far gone …….i love every song u rap in and i feel that u are gonna be one to remember….. thanks for bringin diversity in to our world….

  • Julian

    My son Julian is Drakes biggest fan and hes only 3! He wont listen to anything else. All i hear everyday is daddy can i listen to Drake? He knows pretty much every Drake song or verse that drake has done. I would love to take him to a concert but unfortunately hes too young. He wants to meet drake so bad he tries to jump into the TV screen! LOL I Just hope Drake knows the impact he has had on my son who now loves music more than anything else in the world, especially his.I always tell him Hes Drakes biggest little fan!

  • lyrical madness

    im lovin fancy man,alot of women r tryna looz weight bt we neva notice

  • IiLFilipina

    Drake is blowin up, man. He’s amazing. And omg he is so my style. Need to find a man like that. lol
    But seriously, this is someone that I’ll cut off the rest of the world, and just listen to his music.
    Everyone keeps coming to me to fix their problems, and when I have no one else- I know I can kick it back and vibe with Drake.
    Thank you for that.

  • …Yo Drake, Forreal. You The Best That Ever Did It! Forreal.. I Would Love To Meet You! :) <3

  • i Loooooooooooooooooooooooove yhuuuuuuuuu :)