Drake’s Family Tree Connects

Drake’s Family Tree Connects


Want to see how Drake is connected? Well MTV goes into some detail on this subject.

There are a handful of associates from Toronto (Oliver, 40 and Niko) as well as a handful of dudes who have had his back since the beginning (including about-to-blow producer Boi 1da and R&B sex jammer Trey Songz). Then there is Drake’s actual label family, lead by boss and mentor Lil Wayne and featuring fellow Young Money associates Nicki Minaj and Mack Maine (as well as Cash Money boss Birdman).

  • Hello Drake, My name is Deborah. I am one of your admiring fans who’s stable in all my ways, and unlike the younger many crazy fans that have no self-control of themselves when it comes to you performing in different places. Sweet heart, I just want to say to you that you are so strikingly handsome. I pray that you find true love, and get a real woman who knows how to love you in all you desire to feel and deserve. Not only will you feel true love and be thankful for the one who gave you that feeling, but you will be even more appreciative when that woman gives you that love in return. Love is meant to be given and received and just not be only one sided. One more thing, Please put the rumor to rest if you are gay or not like a real man would do. Many people say that mess about people, but it is sometimes untrue. Please, Darling, Don’t allow that kind of negative crap to hang over your head? p.s. Leave those young little girls alone, and get yourself a real woman who will show you something more beautiful in all your wildest dreams. Trust me. love Deborah

  • Patrickgraham

    i think i might be related to drake i look just like him and my last name is graham too !!!