Drake’s Diss Track Aimed at Meek Mill gets Grammy Nomination, Shows Drake...

Drake’s Diss Track Aimed at Meek Mill gets Grammy Nomination, Shows Drake as the Feud Winner


Earlier this year the feud between Drake and Meek Mill was legendary, with enough drama for a teenage girl and plenty of lyrics on both sides. It looks like Drake came out on top though, because his diss track titled Back to Back received a Grammy nomination for the 2016 award in the category fr Best Rap Performance. The Grammy nomination leaves no doubt at all that Drake not only won the feud he buried Meek Mill in his dust.

Some suspect that the beef between Drake and Meek Mill became so serious is because both men have a connection to Nicki Minaj. Drake and Minaj have been BFFs for a long time, while Meek Mill is dating the pink print singer and is a support act for her tour. Drake makes note of this fact in his Back to Back track, asking “Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?”

Meek Mill tried to hit back with a diss track of his own called Wanna Know but this track was not well received at all. 2015 has been a terrific year for Drake, with his Hotline Bling single becoming very popular very fast. Drake also recently opened a flagship OVO store in Los Angeles. The feud between the rappers started when Meek commented on social media “Stop comparing drake to me too … He don’t write his own raps!” Since Meek Mill was not named for a Grammy nomination and Drake was it just shows that Drizzy has come out on top in this feud.

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    drake go hard fuck the hatters out there hotline was good song