Drake’s Dad Gets Mad At ‘Friends’ Who Didn’t Cop His Single

Dennis Graham, better known as Drake’s dad, has 220,000 Instagram followers but that could soon change after many did not buy his new single “Kinda Crazy” from iTunes. On Sunday Dennis voiced his displeasure on social media about his so called friends and their apparent lack of support for his music. Graham posted “I will be deleting all my so called friends on instagram who hasn’t purchased my 1.29 Kinda Crazy single how cheap can friends be ??have a nice life!!!!!!!as of midnight tonight you will be a faded memory,you know who you are,and you can also see that all you a**holes that are making what you think are funny comments has been blocked.” It is not clear whether Dennis feels unsupported because of low record sales or because he is not buzzing on the music scene the way his son Drizzy does. Hopefully Graham will find some more supportive friends soon.