Drake – Young Sweet Jones Mixtape

Drake – Young Sweet Jones Mixtape


Drake – Young Sweet Jones Mixtape. I saw this mixtape hovering around the net, basically Young Sweet Jones is a compilation of Drake’s most recent tracks. Tracklist below download link.

DOWNLOAD: Drake – Young Sweet Jones Mixtape


01. Messages From You
02. I’m Ready For You
03. Right Above It (f. Lil Wayne)
04. Do It All
05. Paris Morton Music
06. The Resistance (Remix) (f. Termanology)
07. Still Got It
08. Put It Down (f. Bun B)
09. In My Business (f. Gucci Mane, Sean Garrett)
10. You Know, You Know
11. To The Floor (f. Rich Boy, Lloyd)
12. Greatness

  • BriiBabyx14

    OmG!! i loveee the cover pic , is this the R&B mixtape ?

  • Princess Shannon Renae Graham

    you think that I choose you… I want nothing to do with you… you fall to the nottom and keep worshiping tunechi… hes no God… ytou are no man… you.. not yaye chosen..

  • Princess Shannon Renae Graham

    keep worshiping that God and thinking that youy are Jesus.. enjoy burning in hell..

    • Kingkhomari

      hahahaha u believe in god u believe everything in the bible and think its ok to have slaves and u dont believe there were dinosaurs because god made us first in is image before any other creature and u probably dont believe in evolution yet somehow we have different races when it all started with just adam and eve lmao the bible says some of the dumbest shit ever if u really think about it  people only started praying to that god in hopes of living for ever in heaven if there really is a god and a hell and hes all knowing then y would he create a person just to suffer in hell for all eternity sounds like a fucking dick to me 

  • Princess Shannon Renae Graham

    you aint shit.

  • Lauren loves drizzy

    uhm , @ princess shannon renae graham….
    what the fuck are you talking about ?:
    uhm , youre weird , and STOP talking about my man like that , pshh ( you aint sh*t) :]

  • don’t hate on drake okay. if you don’t like him then you shouldn’t of been on this website to begin with.

  • DAmn!

    he supports the illuminati that means he’s worshipping the devil himself, Damn Drake why? what about your fans?

  • Drizzy Look-Alike

    @ Princess Shannon Renae Graham
    if u hatin on Drake so much now, y u still actin like u got his last name lol

    @ DAmn! nigga u crazy wat makes u think Drizzy supportin tha illuminati man? damn, u crazy

  • DAmn!

    Hey ” Drizzy Look-Alike” I like his music to the death, But how to se it on youtube. Do you know he’s father? No look that up on youtube. And the song ”Over” is all about the way he’s live has become and he is so uppset about it, because of the Illuminati (USA), he wears t-shirts with pyramids, taken pictures where the twin towers stands begind him, and does the same sign as Jay-Z does with his hands ;) look that up. But still i love his music thats about life and love but not the satanic songs ;)

  • Mizzb

    Princess Shannon Renae Graham <——- lmfao one stupid dumbass for real!! if u dont like drake wtf are u doing on this pg to begin with????

  • Rashad ShsVeteran Richardson

    ……dat princess broad crazy as hell

  • jazz

    beast mixtape drizzy, keep the music good music flowin, and the blunts rollin…

  • ilovethatdudedrakee ` :)

    i’m qonna drop my two centss` in here : ) , what ithink is , in 2010 people are officially ( overthinkinq ] these hip-hop sonqss that have a \*TOTALLY differentt` meaninq than what they think , about the wholee iluminati thinq , -_- , think what youu want. Drake’ss qettinq his money , if uu think that’ss what he’s tryinq to set out , then */DontListenToHim , duhh !. SMH , People these dayss.

    • Rashad R. Richardson

      Completely agree with you on that one…i dnt understand why ppl come on this page and hate…if you dnt like him…RIDE DA EFF OFF HIS PAGE FEEL ME…HATERS BOY I TELL YOU

      • ilovethatdudedrakee ` :)

        exactlyy. :)

  • Leonor

    I love you so much babe you are my boyfriend his drake

  • Spanishfly2276

    ahhhhh, i love you Drake. <3