Drake Wins “Best Rap Album” At The 55th Grammy Awards

Drake Wins “Best Rap Album” At The 55th Grammy Awards


Cash Money Records 4th Annual Pre-GRAMMY Awards PartyToday Drake has won his first Grammy award at the 55th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles! Drake was nominated for three Grammy awards and went home with one for “Best Rap Album” for Take Care. This is a major accomplishment for Drake and a milestone in his career. Congratulations Drake and many more to come in the future!


    • The Aretha Franklin tribute (Jennifer Hudson in plucitraar) & EMINEM. I felt like I’ve seen Usher’s performance b4 even though he did well, he did not WOW me but Ms Hudson & EMINEM did.

  • Congratulations Drizzy

  • I am so happy. I wished they would have announced it at the show but it doesn’t make a difference. Drakes first Grammy. 2-10-13

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