Drake Video About The Album Leaking

Drake Video About The Album Leaking


Even though Drake addressed his album leaking via Twitter, the LIFE files caught up with Drizzy last night, which basically became this morning, in New York after his private listening session where they legally heard all the tracks from his highly anticipated album “Thank Me Later”. Drake tells LIFE Files how he felt about the whole album leak situation. Two weeks before debut Drake’s album leaked, how you think his sales are gonna be?

P.S. He also hints at a movie upcoming movie… Drake is going back to acting.

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    man, im jus glad he ain’t so mad about it since he made all his big mixtapes free. i felt annoyed at first hearin how it got leaked. i wonda who did it?

    for tha sales, i am not sure. if sum ppl r lazy poor ass niggas, then they aint gon pay 4 it. but, if u r a TRUE drake fan, you’d buy tha damn album, cuz u wanna support him. (this leak prolly throws off TI’s guesses for how much drake’s album gon make. who knos.) i would buy tha album, cuz its jus shitty to hav not purchased an album that wuz supposed to be purchased anyways. (plus, i dont think tha drums in “unforgettable” wuz changed like they said. at least, i think.)

    and i also am absolutely not shocked bout drizzy goin bac 2 actin. drake said he loved it, of course he gon do it, and im goin 2 see it no matta what.