Drake Expresses His Thoughts To Universal Through Twitter

Drake Expresses His Thoughts To Universal Through Twitter


Drake was not happy with his parent label Universal, who apparently was trying cease the distribution of “Marvins Room” and “Trust Issues” over the internet. Drizzy himself actually released these tracks and this is what he had to say when he realized Universal Records sent their wolves out.

Universal needs to stop taking my f–king songs down” Drake angrily tweeted. “I am doing this for the people not for your label.

Drake is stirring up serious interest in his upcoming sophomore effort Take Care with the rapper leaking a new track “Trust Issues” on his blog, now burning it’s way throughout the blogosphere. Shifting seamlessly between slow jam crooning and animated double-time rap verses, Drizzy has once again tapped in to the sound heavily present on his star-making mixtape So Far Gone and the R&B-tinged track is sonically similar to “Marvins Room” which the rapper leaked two weeks ago.

“Marvins Room” is another signature take on Drake’s sing-rap style with atmospheric production, light drums and subtle keyboard work. Reminiscent of some of the slower jams from his popular mixtape So Far Gone and his debut LP, Drake continues in the vein of a tortured lover on the emotionally charged track. The song finds Drake playing the role of line stepper as he pines for a taken woman all while trying to gain her affections. Upon the song’s release this morning, the track has spread throughout the Web with fans commenting in droves.

Drake also announced in the blog posting that the single will be available for purchase in July and that his album Take Care will see release on October 24, which also happens to be Drake’s birthday.

(via MTV)

  • Tell em. Keep it pimpin. Pimpin.

  • shyles25

    Is Marvins Room going to be on Take Care? If it is then I could see Universal having a problem with him putting the song out. But if it wont be on the album like Trust Issues wont be, then they have no right to take down songs that he is making no money off of. I hate record labels. Screwing over Lupe and Drake.

  • Libra’s World

    MaFu-cks just need to stop leakin sh-t period smh let these ppl buy it if they want to hear it thats all it is to it

  • thats how you sell an album release songs early so people know what they are buying, honestly it just makes me want the album more

  • drizzy soph.

    is there an offical date that take care it out?

  • Kaila Swint

    Yo they need to stop that . Drake is doing it for the fans . && Me as a fan want to make sure when I buy the album its BETTER THAN THANK ME LATER !!

  • Dream while awake

    i already have Trust issues on my ipod.

  • B_stevens30

    uhhh you definatley took that so far gone reference from my comments on Trust Issues and Marvins Room, YerNextStepDad…yeah that was me. PLAGARISM IS ILLEGAL..