Drake/Trey Songz Album, Maybe Years In The Making

Drake/Trey Songz Album, Maybe Years In The Making


Trey Songz talks to swat about making an album with Drake may in the years to come. Check out the video below.

Trey Songz and Drake have come together numerous times to work on hits for both the Virginia native’s albums and the Toronto lyricist’s mixtapes. But when exactly are the two going to make a joint project together? According to Trey Songz, a collaborative album between the two may not see the light of day anytime soon.

“Drake had to put his first album out first,” Trey Songz explained to MTV News. “Thank Me Later has done amazing, and I’m proud of him for that album. We’ll continue to work together and that [collaborative album] may not happen for years. But I think the thing with us, we continue to make music together and we do that organically. We’re friends outside of music so making music for us is easy. It’s all about when our career paths make the best sense to do that.”

In the meantime, Trey Songz is promoting his recently released Passion, Pleasure & Pain and Drake is putting the final touches on his R&B mixtape, tentatively set for release next month. As a successful R&B singer who also raps, Trey Songz had some advice for his friend Drake, a rapper who also sings, regarding his project. He suggested the “Find Your Love” star keep track of which songs on the project are best to sing live.

“Drake’s a great writer, has a great voice and makes great songs,” Trey Songz said. “The advice I would give him in making that mixtape is to make sure that he can perform those songs, because people will want to hear them.”