Drake To Tour With Meek Mill, Waka Flocka, and J. Cole

Drake To Tour With Meek Mill, Waka Flocka, and J. Cole


Drake is kicking off the second half of his Club Paradise tour this summer! New artist are a part of his line-up which include: J. Cole, Meek Mill, Waka Flocka, French Montana, and 2Chainz. The full tour schedule is still set to be released, but some dates are already available. So if your Drake fans in areas like LA, Dallas, or even Houston… Be on the look out to purchase your tickets fast!

  • Drake Summer

    awesome, I’m def going to buy my ticket early! <3

  • Guest

    He needs to come back to florida!!

  • Rayananananana

    He needs to come to Australia. So many fans here, I’m dying to go to a Drake concert!

  • Arlene_quintana

    Come to Kansas City!!

  • Arlene_quintana

    Come to Kansas City! please

  • Dyella268

    come toooo NEW JERSEY OR NEW YORK !!!!

    • Swimmindude06

      yes plz come to new york plz aubrey ur my role model and i want to see you in person

  • islandkid

    whos touring with him in europe??

    • POH

      A$AP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar.

  • michelc

    please come to Philidelphia, PA

  • Derian Palma


  • Swimmindude06

    drizzy u need to coem to ny god ur gonna make me have to come to TO to see you since i am going to TO this summer , but with my parents lol

  • TinaRico

    About time your coming to HOUSTON <3

  • Arica

    Never comes to georgia!

  • Littledeb08

    come to DC!!!

  • Patie_a5

    AUSTIN TX!!! Plz drake give it to us one more time I will totally pay 250 again!!!!

  • Arie_mitchell

    come back to tucson, az

  • JeanetteClary

    Question? When do the OVO fest Toronto 2012 tickets go on sale? The TicketLiquidator tickets are so high. I’m a mother of two, who loves Drake music. This price of $130-700 is so ridiculous. I’m in my early thirties and if I did not have any kids, this is still too high. So, is LiveNation or Ticketmaster getting any tickets with a reasonable price? 

  • Mark

    Come to Portland Oregon or at lease Seattle/Tacoma

  • Mark

    Come to Portland Oregon or at least Seattle/Tacoma

  • Bella

    livenation and ticketmaster haven’t started selling the tickets yet. they will soon and im sure for cheaper than tl. i went on tl to get a ticket for one of his recent shows and they were 300! and that wasnt even in the front row. so i went to livenation and got a front row ticket for $90! i even got super lucky and was invited backstage by Drake himself! and hung out with him and his people for the night and the rest of the weekend! FANS DREAM COME TRUE! unless Im dead I will be at every show for the rest of my life! LMAO

  • Bassey Uduak

    Please come to DC or Maryland :'(

  • Sari

    Where is drake at?

  • <3

  • i should hv waited man,this one is way better then the first club paradise

  • Kacey68

    Wheres that love for Minnesota!?

  • Cbri420

    O like alot big kiss!

  • Cbri420@aol.com

    Philly,philly vs.all otha cities which one will win?

  • Alex

    whos his guests for the uk?

  • Damon Kristin

    oh my god he mit not like you he like me so fuck off