Drake To Present At The 2012 Grammy Awards

The 54th annual Grammy awards are coming up and Drake is set to present this year. The Grammy’s made the news public last night via their Twitter account. Drake was nominated for four grammy’s for collabs with DJ Khaled, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna. Drake’s Take Care album didn’t get any grammy nomination though this year, because of timing. The 2012 Grammy’s air February 12th at 8pm eastern time.

  • carlpittso

    good shit drake u would be nominated for every song and album u ever made cuz u are a god if i 
    controlled the grammys lol

  • Drizzy Hendrix

    I swear u cant keep f**kin ova good music nbs! I swear Drake better win at least “1” grammy

  • Liiyahhbarbiee

    DRAKE is thee best pointt ______ period

  • Tony

    Drake would probably win at least ONE award, if they allowed Take Care to be involved with the Grammy’s, but due to timing, it can’t.Maybe next year, I suppose, if that’s possible.Until then, Take Care.Haha!

  • Rapper

    ur hot and will be aubry


    • carlpittso

      how about four 

  • Rosannekadir

    well done Drake….. love you

  • carlpittso

    ily drake just found out some bitch is trying is filing a law suit against stupid fucking hoe 

  • MArredondo19

    Drake should win !!! Cuz his music is breathtaking . Good luck !!! Never forget were u come from .

  • don heans

    drizzzzzzzzzzzyyyyy <3

  • Prob be winning one next year