Drake Makes TIME & Rolling Stones Annual List

Drake Makes TIME & Rolling Stones Annual List


If your making a list of albums for this year, just make sure to include Drake! TIME Magazine and Rolling Stone released their annual Top Albums of The Year. Drake tops both lists at #5 and #7.

Thank Me Later makes it at #5 (out of 10) for Time Magazine
The central theme of Drake’s debut album is his newfound fame — which is an interesting choice, considering it’s his debut album. But instead of extolling the celebrity lifestyle, Drake spends much of Thank Me Later grappling with his unexpected stardom. And for good reason: the rapper (real name “Aubrey Drake Graham”) went from self-releasing his music on the Internet to signing a record deal with Lil Wayne faster than Lady Gaga can change meat costumes. He lives up to the hype; Thank Me Later contains more hit songs than you can shake a bottle of Cristal at. “Find Your Love” made TIME’s list of best songs of the year, and “Fancy” was a close runner-up. Drake’s screed against “superficial gold-digging bitches” and women who take hours to get ready is the catchiest thing this side of Kanye. Not bad for a Canadian former child actor who had never released a full album before.

Thank Me Later makes it at #7 (out of 30) for Rolling Stone
Arriving after three years of mixtapes, guest spots and merciless hype, the debut LP from the Canadian actor- turned-rapper delivered the goods with sumptuous beats, airtight rhymes and nuanced introspection. Drake’s sleepy, soulful flow gave his morning-after reflections on the high life an undercurrent of irony. He’s the definitive star of hip-hop’s tortured post-Kanye era: a guy who can’t quite decide if “I’ve been up for four days gettin’ money” is a brag or a burden.

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    Yo Congrats, TIME and Rolling Stone thats whats up!!!!!
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  • Thank Me Later should have got a 8 of 10

  • or 10 of 10 real talk

  • G 4s Fancy

    LOL LOL hey it made it under 10 wheres the love? Mwah.

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    I’m proud of Drizzy…keep it up man!