Drake On Tim Westwood show: Are he and Rihanna an “item” and...

Drake On Tim Westwood show: Are he and Rihanna an “item” and more on Drake’s signature sex move..


Seeing how Drake is in the UK on tour, Tim Westwood got to have an interview with Drizzy and has been airing segments of the interview all this week. The interview was held after last week’s concert at London’s Hammersmith Apollo. Check out the interview audio below.

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  • GraysonBeADrakeLover


  • Bad.b

    tht was so cornyy buh sexcii

  • Bad.b

    No them beinq married was juss a rumor

  • Don’t believe everything u hear damn, that was funny to. I wish I was the president so I can come up with some stories and see who all believe me I’ll be scaring the hell out of yall lol

  • bree

    I think drake and Rihanna would b a great couple

  • Nooooooo ! D:
    Rihanna takes chris & now drake . This sucks .
    But hey whatever makes him happy (:

  • Emily Bibbs

    Rihanna is very pretty&Drake is sexxii! lol.
    they would make a good couple.

    Drake’s song Find Your Love is the best! lol. (:

  • Emily Bibbs

    I want Drake to sing find your love to me(:

  • Hunter Sullivan

    He Aint married haha, in his one song tho, he said he’d like to marry nicki, but thats it..

  • Chris Foster

    Seem like some pretty personal stuff lol.
    $DJ Frosty$

  • drake is sooo fly

  • i know u aint having sex with a devil

  • SimplyDrake

    -_- drake…what are yu doing…you can get sooooo much better than rihanna, c’mon!

  • Key-le

    Drake nd Rihana…wow…wateva makez drizzy happy…makez mi happy!