Drake Tells Fans More Than 600,000 Copies of His New Release Views...

Drake Tells Fans More Than 600,000 Copies of His New Release Views From the 6 Were Sold in a Single Night


Views is the fourth studio album from Drake and it has been on top of the trending charts since being released less than a week ago. After the Thursday night release Drizzy decided to get out among his fans and bring his music to the city of Toronto last Friday. When the rapper from Toronto showed up in Younge and Dundas square in Toronto for a surprise visit fans were thrilled. This square is often called Jurassic Park because it is where fans of the Raptors go to watch their team play and cheer the players on to victory together. When Drizzy showed up he performed a live version of Energy, and then he watched the Raptors game from a building situated above the square with other fans.


The second show that Drake performed the same day was located at a private venue and it was a listening party which also featured Justin Bieber with a newly shaven head. Drizzy gave the Biebs a warm welcome and a big hug while telling the crowd to give it up for the incredible singles run that Bieber is on right now. Drake told the audience “Before anybody this year, it was this guy putting on the vibes.” Drizzy then gave out the biggest news yet, saying “I got a text message that we sold like 630,000-something records in one night, so that’s the first time I’ve ever done that shit, so thank you very much.” Nothing Was the Same by Drake currently holds the record for the biggest opening week so far with 658,000 copies sold. Views From the 6 could surpass this and take the first place position in this category. Clips from both performances can be found online for anyone who missed them.