Drake Teases Lil Wayne Concert Appearance

Drake Teases Lil Wayne Concert Appearance


Lil Wayne has been locked up since March, but the superstar MC is expected to be released this Thursday from a New York prison.

His first public appearance after that?

Well, the final stop of Drake’s Light Dreams and Nightmares Tour is November 6 in Las Vegas, two days after Wayne’s scheduled release.

“I would just advise you to book a ticket out there. If you can get tickets to that show on the 6th, I would strongly advise it,” Drake told MTV News about the possibility of reuniting with his mentor onstage.

Wayne is expected to travel to Miami upon his release and reunite with his family. The rapper is the father to four children, including offspring with actress Lauren London and singer Nivea. Bryan “Baby” Willams, the head of his label, Cash Money Records, has repeatedly insisted that Weezy will spend time with his family after being away from them for eight months.

“I think what’s important, we want to see family first,” the Birdman told MTV News last month when asked about a rumored Big Apple concert on the day of Wayne’s release. “If the concert happens, it happens. But right now, we just want to come home and see our family and party, I think. That’s what we gonna do: just come to Miami, and just party for a minute. Work and party and play. Have the whole team out here, and we gonna do it up. Miami is gonna be Weezy world. Weezy weekend.”

Lil Wayne has managed to remain successful while away from the spotlight. He was named #7 on the 2010 Hottest MCs list, his album I Am Not A Human Being debuted at number one on the charts, and his Drake collaboration “Right Above It” currently rests at number 20 on the Billboard “Hot 100? chart. – via MTV

  • cassieW.

    man i wanted to go sooo bad but the tickets are sold out. i knew ever since they said the date he was coming to vegas that wayne was gonna be there smh im about to cry right now uggggh this shit sucks lol

  • DJ Frosty

    Its almost that time, wezzy is almost free. CMYM

  • WAYNE & DRAKE is about to kill that shit

  • Its going to be crazy…they are going to def kil the show…I want to see videos!!!