Drake Talks On T.I’s Unfortunate Situation

Drake Talks On T.I’s Unfortunate Situation


There was one conspicuously absent person Sunday night during Drake’s performance of “Fancy” at the VMAs. Drizzy had special guests Swizz Beatz and Mary J. Blige join him onstage, but the other person who performs on the album version of he record, T.I., was not there. Tip has been dealing with matters more important than entertainment lately.

T.I. was arrested for alleged drug possession in Los Angeles at the beginning of this month, and there is a chance that his probation could be revoked.

While rehearsing for “Fancy” at the VMAs, Drake sat down and reflected on his friend’s circumstances.

“I care about Tip a lot,” Drake said. “He’s held me down since the beginning. He’s always been extremely nice to me and embraced me. Before he went to prison, to this day, I still talk about the conversation he had with me about the game and trying to stay focused.

“It hurt me the other day that somehow he found himself again in that kind of predicament. Especially with [the success of the movie] they just had out [‘Takers’]. It’s a personal thing. I’m not really here to say things about another man. Tip is a very smart man. I just think that, a part of me wishes he realized the power in the movement he has and what a legend he is and not get in trouble anymore. I just wish that wouldn’t happen. The man that he is, the trouble he gets into doesn’t reflect the person he is. He’s just a great individual. Yeah, it’s an unfortunate situation,” Drake continued.

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  • tatiana

    @ Latisha: Yes True, We’re only human & we make mistakes. It’s natural. But when we make the same mistake more than once, it’s called stupidity & ignorance. Obviously, T.I. hasn’t learned his lesson when he did time before..how stupid is that?!! Next time, I hope T,I, stays in prison for the longest time that way he’ll learn his lesson the hard way!



    • SymoneilyDrake

      i completly agree!

  • celeste

    i do not agree. we are all human and we all need second chances.if it take tip this long to realize his mistakes… then who cares. and who are other ppl to judge? you dont know what he might of went through….

  • dritip

    men i dnt think we’re all out here 2 judge ppl r we?, the fact dat he got arrested or caught doesn’t change who tip is THE KING ; so common wat we talkin bout here/ i ain’t sayin smokin weed n gettin caught is a good thang but tip should have shown dat reflection 2 da young ppl he was teachin out there n make da young bruthas follow his example instead of makin us bein disappointed in him bt anyway we r not perfect n we’re bound 2 make mistakes. let’s just take it easy on him n support him even includin all da musiqz dis guy has produced. let it not only occur dat wen someone does a mistake dats wen everyone is out 2 judge dem bt they dnt see the other side, i mean the good side of them 2. men i’m sayin dis 2 u guyz cuz i’m really a big fan of T.I n i love him 4 who he is not the errors he made. i just wish his 1 yr imprisonment is taken care of so he could get bak in his shit if y’all feel me, especially takers the movie i personally watched dat n i liked the great effort those guys put in it includin he himself. so shout out 2 ma men out there T.I the one n only true…..

  • He is so real, with so much heart…