Drake Talks About His New Album and Nicki Minaj

Drake Talks About His New Album and Nicki Minaj


Drake talks to Hip Hollywood about his new album coming out “Thank Me Later”. He also comments on Nicki Minaj another Young Money star. Check it out!

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  • JC

    Whoa! I like what you did with the site, that stuff is dope! kant wait till the album comes out!!!!

  • drake yur so sexycutefinehott i luvv u drake n drizzydrake ash loves drake ashley loves drake.

  • ANgelina BOston

    I am FeeliN drake i mean the voice the swag the lyrics MOSTLY omg
    listen to what the gut is saying DOPE off top,,, I LOVE YOU DRIZZY..
    angelina that super fan : )

    ”I’m still myself, suicide bars i kill myself
    Charge it to the game, I bill myself
    And i dont feel yall, but i feel myself” Drake- Congratulations

  • kandii adams a.k.a. MZ.DRIZZY

    man good loookin out drake i love u ur soooo sexii lookin nd kute and very handsome!!!!!!!!!!MRZ.DRIZZY

  • veronica lopez

    Drake.whoo!damn dat nigga got good azz raps,his songs are dope!he so hot,I wonder if he nd nicki minaj are geting maried?