Drake On Take Care Album & Returning To Acting

Drake On Take Care Album & Returning To Acting


Last night, we braved the “DRIZZY!”-screaming throngs of Drake fans outside the 5th avenue Versace boutique, where the 24-year-old Torontonian TV star-turned-emcee was guest DJing at Fashion’s Night Out. Our eardrums are still paying for it. Of course, the evening was completely worth it, insanity and all, and the former PAPER cover star was kind enough to chat with us about his eagerly anticipated sophomore effort, Take Care, to be released on his birthday, October 24th.

It’s been one year since Drake and his major label debut LP, Thank Me Later, changed the hip-hop soundscape entirely. Just listen to the melodically submerged, moody sounds currently flooding R&B (Frank Ocean) and hip-hop (Kid Cudi, Big Sean) and it’s relatively simple to identify its root. “It’s Toronto. One hundred percent,” says Drake modestly when we ask if he’s played a hand in R&B’s resurgence. “I wouldn’t say I created it, it’s just the sound of my city. Same for [Abel Tesfaye of] The Weeknd. He’s just out there writing music, making music that comes from the most beautiful city in the world. Why wouldn’t it sound beautiful, you know?”

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