Drake Supposedly Disses Joe Budden as One Hit Wonder, Budden Fires Back with Afraid Diss Track

Withing hours of being called a one hit wonder by Drake on No Shopping by French Montana Joe Budden struck back, releasing his Afraid diss track against Drizzy and letting the Toronto rapper know that he isn’t scared. The New Jersey rap has already created two diss tracks aimed at the 6 god in the past, first with Making a Murderer Part I and then with Wake. Afraid is full of drums clashing, synths which are ethereal, and pianos as well as cutting lyrics designed to put Drake in his place. The track is almost 6 minutes long and in it Budden tells Drizzy that he is a puppet and warns the Toronto musician not to test him.

Budden raps that “If pushed to the streets, I see wood in your physique. Thinking you misunderstood my hood, this isn’t Meek n—- / This ain’t a standard that you couldn’t meet / Just from your views, you prolly couldn’t see.” The cover art for Budden’s track is also designed to send a message as well, because it displays the CN Tower which is seen on the cover of Drake’s Views album but the tower has smoke billowing from it. If the Budden Drake feud continues it is going to be a long hot summer.