Drake Slams Chrysler in Views Track Over Bentley Knockoff

Drake Slams Chrysler in Views Track Over Bentley Knockoff


“Keep the Family Close” is the opening track for Drake’s latest album Views. Views was just released late last week but the album and the tracks on it already have people talking. In the very first track on the album Drizzy disses Chrysler for the Chrysler 300, which is the flagship model for the car company and which is very similar in appearance to a Bentley. Drake uses the vehicle as a metaphor to identify potential that is still unfulfilled. The lyrics explain “Always saw you for what you could’ve been / Ever since you met me / Like when Chrysler made that one car that looked just like the Bentley”.

A mention by Drake in 2016 could either help or hurt a company, their bottom line, and the social image of the business. The truth is that Drake did not express anything that others have not already been thinking and saying. Since millennials tend to listen to Drake Chrysler can forget about selling the 300 to this group any time soon. Many point out that Drizzy is right, and the 300 seems to be a poor man’s version of a Bentley or even a Rolls Royce by a company who could do much better. Chrysler did attempt to manage the conversation and save face by tweeting Drake the message “keep it #300” but most saw this as an attempt to gain fake advertising and try to minimize the damage that the lyrics in Keep The Family Close could cause.

Bentley and Rolls Royce are luxury brands, and calling out Chrysler would be beneath both companies, but Drake says what he thinks and that is refreshing in the world today when celebrities could gain many perks for talking up a brand.