Drake Rocks Leopard Print Shirt To Hollywood Party

Drake Rocks Leopard Print Shirt To Hollywood Party


Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne attended the IMP Entertainment and Steve Marlton Wordwide Allstar Even at Siren Studios Hollywood last night. Aubrey Drake Graham showcased his “wild-side” sporting an animal leopard print shirt under his sports coat. Deezy!

  • candyapple

    He looks fine as always!!!!!!!!! BITCHES HATINGcan get lost.

    • acros

      i agree…can anyone say SCRUMPTIOUSSS?

  • Randalyn Vasquez

    I’m so disappointed that you Drake & you Lil Wayne would allow your fans to be treated in such away, just so someone could makeva buck.. How sad for the fans that spent there money on tickets and weren’t allowed in. I am a very Proud Native American who dipped out on my people and the Longestwalk 3, which I am one of the state coordinators for the southern route. We are walking from La Jolla Beach,CA. to the white house in Washington D. C. For diabetes reversal. We started walking on Monday feb. 14 & each day we walk to an Indian Reservatin were we rest for the night. R walk is native backed but we opened it to anyone who wants to be part of, cuz diabetes knows no skin color. I went thru a so much today to be here, just to get turned away. It’s not about all the money I lost out on, it’s about not being to see the 2 BADEST MEN in Music without a doubt! It breaks my heart. I’m 1 of many owners of the biggest casino in California. We would never treat our customers in any fashion to deliberately hurt them. That’s too bad ivwent thru all this for nothing! So when& where is your next show, I might just happenedvto be strolling thru on my walk to the white house. Remember this INDIAN LADY,LOVES YOU TWO BAD ASS MOTHER FO’s

  • acros

    Daaaaamn everything he puts ons the perfect outfit:))) gon head you lookin fine as hell.

  • Lucy

    Is it my imagination or Nicki looks too plastic, but I love them anyways!!

    • Smoodskin

      Yh she really does look like a barbie doll…..she’s a pretty girl, she dont need all that make up..serious! Lets see the natural beauty Nicki! xx DRAKE I LOVE U STILL IN THAT HORRID SHIRT…LOL…only u can carry something like that off and still look good!

  • Audrey


  • Wish I was their,looks like they had fun

  • sharonawoodford

    Wonder if his boxer’s matched his shirt. Peanut Butter & Jelly, AKA PB&J. Follow and Tweet.