Drake & Rihanna’s Performance “What’s My Name” At The 2011 GRAMMYs

Drake & Rihanna’s Performance “What’s My Name” At The 2011 GRAMMYs


Drake & Rihanna performed “What’s My Name” at the 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards.

Rihanna and Drake had the stage on fire with an electrifying and extremely sexy performance. Rihanna wasn’t timid at all on stage with Drake as she displayed her seducive ways to move her waist to any beat. Drake was up close and personal in the beginning enjoying all the chemistry between them.

Rihanna’s performance was full on, with a Caribbean feeling to it as all the dancers really expressed the island dance culture. This performance also heated up the rumors of Drake and Rihanna possibly dating…stay tuned fans.

  • Rhianna and drake did a gud job they was lookin so cute :):) I just LOVE drake

  • anon

    could she not slut it up for 5 seconds?

  • soRRy kids but iDont beLieve that ms.Rihanna is a gr8 dancer however they did a good job :) it was cute.

  • daniella

    im not saying this to hate rihanna cuz shes touchin our drake like that:P… lol, but she sounded pretty bad live at some parts,! like, they were just awful,! i didnt like it too much… but drake was great,! he sounded exactly like in the real song=)

  • mrtux

    great perfomance anon i know u wish u wuld have taken her place lol hahahaha too bad u didn’t so stop hating

  • LilDrizzy =D

    Drake did an awesome job but some stuff Rihanna did was uncalled for….. lik for real….. seriously????

  • Drizzilik Benjamin George

    homiz like drake can make a dead mom wake up

  • 100 % live

    omg dat *thing* need bak off mi mand and get a life ! he dont like u hoe 2 he is acting ok rember he was a child cator !!! 3 he love nicki minak and always will ao fuck off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bree

    I think they are totally dating I think they will be a quuute couple

  • bree

    I think Rihanna was showing a little bit of to much skin I think she could of just had some daisy dukes on without the skirt she would have looked hot

  • They killed it man lol, Rihanna sexy

  • Samantha Descher

    sorry rihanna he can fake it on stage but he don’t like u!

  • Rihanna is a hot girl. SIZZLE! Peanut Butter & Jelly, AKA PB&J. Tweet and Follow. @sharonawoodford.